There are so many types of electric guitars; it is hard to generalize which models are the best. I personally like the classic designs of the 50's and 60's. There are two different types which I will talk about. Bolt on and or glued on neck.

Now lets talk about pickups. Pickups generally fall into two categories: single coil and double coil. The double coil is also referred to as "Hum buckers or Hum bucking".

Single coil pickups are very clean and open sounding. This is because they let more of the frequencies come through to the amplifier. They have been generally associated with Fender instruments. The problem with them is they can be noisy in certain environments.

Double coil pickups or "hum buckers" named so because they "buck the hum" were invented by a company called Gibson and are generally associated with them as the single coil is to Fender. Hum bucking pickups place two single coils next to each other. One coil is wired out of phase with the other which filters out some of the high frequencies as well as cancels out a lot of the noise associated with the single coil. In doing this they have a very thick warm sound. Some people prefer one over the other, but most would agree they both are unique and each has its own merit.

There is one other difference between the two types of guitars and that is the scale. The "scale" is the length of the string from the nut to the bridge of the guitar. A guitar such as the Fender has a longer scale length than that of a Gibson. This translates to the longer scale being more taut or stiff than the shorter scale. In other words, a Gibson is easier to bend a string than a Fender which has the longer scale length. However, the fender's stiffer string tension is better for heavy strumming.

When looking at electric guitars for a younger person, durability is an issue. Electrics either have a neck which is bolted on or glued on the body of the instrument. A bolt on neck is the most durable and in most cases the best choice for the beginner.

Make sure where ever you buy your guitar it comes with a return policy. If you don't have experience with the guitar you should have someone who is an experienced player, inspect and play the instrument before you commit to buy it.

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