I have been playing guitar for over 40 years and have enjoyed teaching both children and adults for over 20 years. My specialties are rock, blues, finger style, two-handed tapping, and slide guitar. My goal is to introduce the student to a variety of music and musical styles so they can discover what they truly enjoy playing.

It is my belief that each student is unique and has different wants and needs, so I cater the lessons to suit the individual student and allow them to progress at their own pace. I incorporate theory and technique into every lesson with a special accent on technique.   Good technique is the key to playing any style of music.

I understand how excited new students are about learning to play. As a tool to enable the student to begin playing songs within the first month of lessons, I use tablature; a six-line staff that geographically represents the guitar finger board. As students are motivated to continue on and learn how to read and understand music, they will develop the skills necessary to work out and create new music on their own, w
hich is the ultimate goal in lessons.