Guitar Lessons Beginner to Advanced

Are you thinking of getting guitar lessons for you or someone else? My studio is located in Ephrata, and my specialty is teaching beginner to advanced guitar to children and adults. I am confident that with a decent instrument and some effort, we can turn you into the guitarist you would like to become.

As an instructor I will show you the tools which are required to build a solid foundation that will help you reach your full capabilities and ultimately realize your full musical potential. Lessons include:

Chords and chord progressions
Scales; and their relationship to chords
Music theory

Each student is unique and has different needs or expectations from lessons. I cater to the individual, whether it is the complete beginner who knows nothing of the guitar, or someone who has learned the basics and wants to have a better understanding of the guitar.

I can also help the advanced guitarist have a better understanding of music theory and how it can be applied to the guitar.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
I have played for forty plus years. I have taught in schools and various music stores and studios for twenty years. My studio is equipped with everything needed to give the student an environment in which they can be relaxed and have the best experience possible.

Many of the students who come to me want to play the guitar for some of the following reasons:

Learn a favorite song
Accompany their voice
Learn music theory
Read sheet music
Read tablature
Learn to finger pick
Join a band

Some of the tools I use in my studio to help the student are:

Videos so student can evaluate their performance
Music tracks to play along with to help develop timing
Recording equipment to record and listen to compositions

I use all of these tools and techniques along with my years of experience to help the student grow as a musician and gain the confidence to perform and be proud of their musical abilities.  All of this together is what I feel to be the best guitar instruction in the Ephrata, Lititz, Manheim or Lancaster area.

Thank you for taking the time to read and enjoy the rest of the site which I hope you find informative. My contact information is provided to inquire with any questions you might have about lessons or to check lesson availability.
                                                                                            Greg Shreiner